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Shepherd Hardware 1-1/2-Inch Felt Nail On Furniture Pads, 4-Pack

Shepherd Hardware

The Shepherd Hardware 1-1/2-inch Nail-On Felt Pads (4-Pack) are great for helping to protect hard surface floors. They can help allow furniture to slide easily over floors without leaving scratches and gouges.

Felt allows for discreet scratch-free motion over wood, tile, and laminate floors, but some applications justify attachment methods beyond traditional self-adhesive
Plastic base glide with hollow metal ferrel that taps safely into wooden legs and heavy duty beige felt underside to protect floors that could be damaged from other types of glides
Easy to install - Simply tap hollow shaft into wooden leg for extra protection against wood splitting
Not intended for use on angled chair or table legs
1-1/2 inch diameter round beige felt pad and base with hollow shaft - 4 Pack

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